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7 benefits of solid concrete flooring for home

7 benefits of solid concrete flooring for home

Polished concrete has become very popular because of its stylish look and affordable price range. Apart from that, people can easily clean this surface with normal water and you can install this flooring within minimum time limit. Along with that, if you do not have sufficient budget to install floor tiles or marble then polished concrete flooring is the best for you. You can install it as cement flooring and you do not need to invest a large amount at a time. In industrial facilities and warehouses, polished concrete flooring has been winning accolades due to the longevity, abrasion resistance and low price. Find out about some of the primary advantages of polished concrete.

Ease of maintenance

 Solid flooring cannot be affected by any chemical reaction and you can use any type of floor cleaner on the solid concrete floor. Along with that, it saves your recurrent cost of maintenance and you do not have to worry about the damage cost because you can repair the floor surface at anytime if required.

  1. Affordability

 Using polished concrete flooring system is cost-effective due to varied reasons, such as:

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced need of maintenance
  • Lower wearing of tires

Polished concrete is durable and fits the budget of most people. It is a perfect substitute for owners of business organizations or homes who are unable to afford granite or marble floors, but wish to have a similar reflective finish like those surfaces.

No need for waxing or stripping

 You do not need to strip or wax your floor, when you have a polished concrete flooring system in place. You can save the costs for material and labor for waxing and stripping, and use it on other ends.

  1. Less slippery

 Dry or wet polished concrete surfaces have greater coefficient of friction as compared to any type of floor coating. These surfaces mostly exceed the slip resistance standards of ADA and OSHA. Compared to waxed surfaces, floors of polished concrete are naturally less slippery and can easily be cleaned of dust and debris.

  1. More ambient lighting

 This type of flooring increases the ambient lighting, and makes the floor more beautiful. The expense of lighting is reduced as a result. When you consider the number of lights you can keep switched off due to polished concrete surfaces, and determine the cost savings per year, you will find your energy bill being reduced in thousands.

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  1. More aesthetic beauty

 The appearance and durability of polished concrete floors rank there with the top. Due to the sleek, smooth surface, it is confused often as marble. The surface has great aesthetic value, which makes it perfect for most facilities, such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Public office building
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants and more
  1. Longer lifespan

As far as durability is concerned, polished concrete floor is unmatchable. It is long-lasting in form and even after a century, it can remain intact. With some re-polishing and proper maintenance from time to time, you can make both long and short term savings with polished concrete floors.

  1. More strength 

Polished concrete is able to resist abrasion and can withstand surface stress, rain damage, de-lamination and various other problems.

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  1. Wide range of decorative options 

The options for decoration are virtually endless with this type of hard, reflective floor system Objects can also be introduced into the concrete that is freshly laid, and amazing visual effects can be achieved with polishing and grinding – unlike any other type of flooring material. Through saw-cutting, decorative designs or borders can be etched on the concrete and the beauty of the polished floors can be enhanced further.

After reading the above benefits of solid concrete flooring, you can easily install it in your house or offices and you can also order or consult with the companies through their online portals.

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