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6 Tips to Turn Your House into a Home

6 Tips to Turn Your House into a Home

You are probably well familiar with the pain of moving house. Now as you finally settled down, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  But the toughest task is yet to come. You moved all the boxes and you sort of unpacked everything.  The place is filled with your belongings, but it still doesn’t feel like a home. It’s easy to get caught up in the vast world of interior design.  The way you arrange your home shouldn’t be determined by outrageous trends, but by your own sense of style and taste.  Use your preferences as your primary guideline and you will be able to create a space that is truly yours.

Take It Slow

Moving house always brings some inspiration.  You imagine how a room will look if you do this or that. At some point this can become overwhelming both physically and financially.  When the emotion takes you over, you are more inclined to take wrong decisions. Decorate your home step by step and enjoy the quirky look of your place at each stage.  Don’t worry, it will eventually come together. Just don’t rush it.

Image courtesy - iStockphoto
Image courtesy – iStockphoto

Adapt It to Your Needs

Think about your lifestyle. How are spending your time at home. Make it functional and efficient. Furthermore, consider your feelings about the place. You need to create an emotional bond with your home. Usually this happens as you create memories associated with the certain space. This is quite difficult when the relocation took place just recently. There is another way.  Make your home a refuge. Ask yourself, where do you feel happy and at peace?  Then recreate the same atmosphere in your home.

Have Fun Spending Time There

It’s not usual to spend less time in your new home. Since you are not used to it, you would rather get out then hanging there. Make effort to get to know your home better. Organize a gathering. It can be a family dinner, a party or a barbeque where you can get to know your neighbours. These pleasant experiences will create positive associations with the place.

Keep It Simple

Now let’s get to the decoration part. If you have really amazing items, display them. The key is to keep the base neutral and use these accents as focal points. The accessories will really stand out better if you keep the background simple.

Image - iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto

Make It Coherent

When arranging your new home, you may encounter tons of eclectic items. How can you make it all work? Use smart design tricks that are applicable for any type of interior. There is missing element in your decor?  Use a cosy rug to tie the room together. Throw pillows will add up homey atmosphere to your living room.

Fill It with Your Belongings

It’s kind of a no – brainer, but what will make the place your own are your stuff. You don’t need to hang a fancy art piece on your wall. Use family photos and organize them into collections. Have a favourite hobby? Let your interior design reflect it.






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