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6 Simple Ways to Prevent Pest at Home

6 Simple Ways to Prevent Pest at Home

Comfort is a primary necessity that homeowners would like to maintain their properties. But while achievable, keeping your place’s best shape would require some level of effort on your part that involves regular cleanup and maintenance of various areas around your house.

This can be a real challenge for owners of condo in Manila given the fact that the units are usually big.  Common issues such as pest infestation are one of the major concerns especially for owners who are not used to regularly cleaning their personal spaces.

If you’ve been worried about the possibility of pests roaming around the floor, cabinets and even on bathrooms and bedrooms, then taking precautions is necessary. Here are ways to prevent these tiny creatures from wrecking havoc to your personal space.

#1 Eat in the kitchen and try to refrain from bringing foods everywhere.

Food crumbs are usually the main attraction for ants, pests and other insects that tend to come in flock. To prevent this, try to eat in the kitchen instead of walking around while bringing your food. Moving from one place to another only increases the chance of leaving and spreading crumbs which will eventually attract tiny organisms.

#2 Wash dishes every after meal and remove any food or soap residue in the sink.

Perhaps you’ve been used to simply leaving dishes on the sink and washing it later. While this may sound acceptable as long as you put water on it, experts say otherwise. In fact, minute creatures are likely to flock to areas that are moist. The best solution to ward them off is to immediately wash your plates and utensils after use.  


#3 Practice proper food storage.

Whether it’s those cooked foods or newly bought ones, placing them inside the fridge or kitchen cabinets is the safest way to put them away from the pest infestation. Insects are easily attracted to food, and the combined strong smell of various ingredients you place on your table is an open invitation for them to take some bite.


#4 Don’t allow fruits and vegetables to spoil.

Compared to other food types such as canned goods and preserved delicacies, foods and vegetables rot fast. This is exactly why it’s highly suggested that you only buy the amount that you will consume immediately. Otherwise, they would spoil unless you put them inside a refrigerator free of any insects. Once you see initial signs of decay, it’s best to throw them away both for convenience and health reasons.

#5 Regularly clean trash bins.

Trash cans are the most common areas where pests are likely to reside. To ensure that they don’t use this as a hideout, better clean the bin on a regular basis. Use disposable plastics on top of the actual trash bin, so you could easily take it off along with the garbage residue.


#6 Clean items you wish to recycle.

If you plan to recycle some items such as boxes, cans, and plastic containers, the best thing to do is to clean them first by removing the residue of their contents. Candy plastic containers, for instance, could easily attract ants if you don’t take off their residue.

Keeping the market value of your place requires regular maintenance across different areas of your house. Start by driving pests away and providing a healthy living environment for your family!


Author Bio: Dominique Santos is a blogger and a big fan of interior designing. He writes articles about home decor tips and guides. He is currently writing for Amaia Land. You can follow him on Google+.

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