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6 Reasons Why Black Shaker Cabinets are Perfect for Every Kitchen

Black Shaker Cabinets

Many a time, we refrain from installing black cabinetry in our kitchen. But, dark cabinetry has more allure than the lighter colors and can add depth and richness to any room. Especially, black shaker cabinets can add chic sophistication to the kitchen space and can make it more noticeable instantly.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are in vogue lately due to their numerous benefits. Their sleek and clean look helps them to fit in with the changing design trends and make for a timeless kitchen design.

Solid wood shaker cabinets are compatible with varied kitchen design themes, right from the traditional to the ultra-modern. They unlikely go out of style in a few years. The simple door design of shaker style cabinetry, which is a flat panel door with a slightly raised border, provides them a straightforward appearance that enhances their appeal greatly. Another great benefit of shaker style cabinets is their low maintenance needs. They require very little day to day maintenance and just need to be wiped down every now and then in order to maintain cleanliness.

To make black shaker cabinets work perfectly in your kitchen, you need to have some design skills. Your black cabinets will stand out in your kitchen if you place them in front of a lighter background. The kitchen must also be well-lit with plentiful sources of natural light. Add a lighter backsplash and countertop, paint the walls with light colors, and lend your kitchen an attractive look.

Here are five reasons why you should go for black shaker cabinets for your kitchen.

6 Great Benefits of Black Shaker Cabinets

Versatile Look

Black is a versatile color, so you have several options when it is time to stylize your kitchen and pick the perfect décor for the interiors. Shades of black can create an attractive contrast with the brighter or lighter colors. So, you can select your kitchen accessories, like kitchen appliances, hardware, and others from the many choices available that will suit your tastes and preferences.

Create Sophisticated Kitchen Decor

No other color can beat black in creating an ambiance of sophistication and elegance. Black cabinets can add drama to bland and boring kitchen design and transform the look of the space instantly. As a result, the kitchen décor looks more high-end and expensive than it is. In reality, black shaker cabinets are both affordable and easy to acquire and install.

Embellish your kitchen by contrasting your black shaker cabinets with plain walls, pale gray flooring, and white tiles. Include brass handles to provide a rich feel to your black cabinets.

The Perfect Contrast with White Elements

When you choose a white countertop or other elements in your kitchen which are white in color, then black cabinetry will complement your kitchen perfectly. With a large white marble worktop and white ceilings, black cabinetry will be an ideal choice to make the perfect contrast and a great visual impact. If you add metal appliances and accents along with white bar stools, the room will have great aesthetic appeal. For a better kitchen décor, add a few accessories, like ornate faucets, vintage light attachments, and soft foliage.

Conceal the Blemishes

Kitchens are exposed to frequent spills and scratches due to regular and constant usage for intensive culinary activities. Usually positioned near cooktops, kitchen cabinets tend to get stained and marked on a regular basis. Especially, light-toned cabinets are prone to show the marks easily. Only a color like black will be able to hide such stains and scratches from view. Even if you don’t have time to wipe off the marks from the surface of the cabinetry, they will not get noticed easily on the black surface.

Matches Well with Metallic Accessories

Dark tones work well with metallic shades. In fact, dark hues like black provide a great opportunity to incorporate luxury and give you a chance to experiment with metallic elements, such as copper and brass. For instance, utilizing brass in the backsplash, or having a brass faucet and brass light fixture can be perfect if you have black shaker cabinets, creating a wonderful balance that will infuse an understated sense of luxury in the room.

Help Compartmentalize Open Kitchens

Nowadays, many homeowners are opting for open-plan kitchens which are perfect for doing chores and socializing at the same time. In such open kitchens, it is a good idea to zone the area by using colors. The black cabinet units create a contrast with the white walls and other white elements around, helping to compartmentalize the space visually. If you want to separate your living space from the kitchen, you can use the same color scheme to do it easily.

Final Takeaway

Black shaker cabinets can uplift your kitchen’s style quotient to a new level. Incorporating a few innovative design ideas that will match well with these cabinets and the aforementioned tips, you can get the dream kitchen that you have always longed for.

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