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6 LEDing Reasons To Change Your Home Lights

For many years, fluorescent tubes had been an important part to lighten up our lives especially when it was time for the sun to set and the switches to turn on and let the illuminating light to flood the rooms of the house. It was the only source of light on which we depended upon during the evening, be it from studying, to writing, cooking and more.


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These fluorescent tubes have been consistently proven economical while brightening up with its flash of white light in working and public environment. However, in recent years, fluorescent tubes have been replaced with new form of light source that gradually stood out in the fore. Both had their own advantages and disadvantages but it is the LED lights that seem to be winning over the consumers’ attention. Let us look at some of the main reasons on why you should switch on to LED lights for your home:

Long Term Cost – Though initially these LED lights are expensive than fluorescent tubes however later on they can provide huge potential for long timesavings. LED lights can last up to 60,000 hours compared to incandescent lights that can last up to 800 to 1500 hours and fluorescent tubes lasting up to 10,000 hours. Hence they do not need to be replaced frequently leading to potential savings.

Colour – Fluorescent lights are known for their stark lights that are harsh to the eyes. Though some new kinds of fluorescent lights have come up which uses different types of phosphorous powder to produce warmer light, most of them produce only cold blue and white light. LED lights on the other hand can produce lights of different colours. They can be used almost in any environment or lighting situation and this is what makes them easily adaptable.

Durable – LED lights are not made of glass and are hollow inside and hence are not fragile compared to fluorescent tubes. This makes them more durable and will not become inoperable even if dropped accidently. In addition, they remove the danger of broken glass.

Less Heat – Fluorescent tubes are said to produce less heat compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. However, when it comes to comparison with LED lights, they lose. LED are lukewarm to touch and therefore are less risky to cause any accidental burn or fire.

Energy Consumption – LED lights consume far less power compared to fluorescent lights. They are much better for your environment and for your pocket.

Instant On – LED lights light up instantly when electricity is passed through them. Fluorescent lights do not do this; they take time a little time to flicker before they are actually turned on.

After reading the advantages, it becomes clear as to why LED lights have become the first choice among business and homeowners.


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