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6 Gross Parts of Our Homes that We Tolerate Way Too Much

What are the 6 Gross Parts of Our Homes ?

Most of us are pretty good about keeping the house clean. We clean our carpets, wash the dishes, scrub the toilets, and scrape out the ovens. However there are several parts of the home that we hardly ever touch for whatever reason. Regardless of why we do it, these things are clearly not acceptable in a clean home.

Behind Appliances

If you pull your stove and refrigerator, you may be surprised at what lurks in those cracks. Unhealthy amounts of dust cling to the appliance, the walls, and floor.Greasy old oil from years of cooking coat the walls. The messes you can’t see don’t really exist… until you read an article like this.

Ceiling Fan

With central air conditioning in many homes, fans generally become an object of decoration. These appliances also happen to accumulate tons of dust. Have a fan in the dining room? You’ve likely been consuming a side of dust with every meal you sit down for in there.

Crown Molding

For many home owners, it never really crosses the mind to grab a step stool and wipe down the various molding around the house. From the windows, to doorways, to ceilings, all the moldings had layers of accumulated dust. After wiping off all the moldings, the crew had to replace their rags.

Window Sills

Do you ever notice how the various cracks and corners of your windows are always filled with black dirt, mold or other junk? In some areas, these window sills can be hang outs for insects who desperately try to fly their way out of your home to the bright outdoors. Their dead remains stick around in the impossible to reach corners of your windows. According to Retro Teck Window, older window fixtures tend to accumulate much more undesirable material than newer, better designed windows.

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Bathroom Sinks

Hidden around your sink, in your toothbrush holders, and on your razor blades is tons of bacteria. Perhaps this area has the most abundant bacteria of any other place in your home. You may have already caught on to this fact, but it’s just so hard to keep up with all the cleaning to be done around the home.

Behind the toilet

You can clean your toilet everyday and mop every week, but there is that oh so hard to reach spot behind the toilet. Rather than find a solution for cleaning it, most homeowners will just skip that job. Urine build up is gross and cultivates unhealthy bacteria in your home.

We put up with these messes way too much and it’s time to take action against this unsanitary neglect! Plan a monthly or a bi-monthly deep clean for your home and make sure that these areas get on your list. A clean home is a healthy home!

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