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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

Every home in an area that can see below freezing weather must be prepared for the winter. Freezing temperatures can occur suddenly and without warning. This can cause problems outside and inside of the home. Preparations should begin in the fall long before cold temperatures arrive. There are five ways to prepare a home for the fall and winter.

Clean and Repair Gutters

Gutters full of leaves and debris can become a major problem during the winter. Freezing water can push up and towards the house with enough pressure to dislodge the gutter and send it falling to the ground. Ice jams in gutters can even start pushing into the fascia or other parts of the roof creating an opening where water can enter. It is important to clean gutters and make any repairs necessary at the start of the fall.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

Seal Windows

Unsealed windows will allow cold air to enter the home all fall and winter. This increases heating bills and decreases comfort. Homeowners should take the time to seal windows. This can involve placing weatherstripping around the edges to block air. Other options like heat-activated plastic sheets or foam sealants are also available for windows that cannot be sealed with just weatherstripping.

Clean Ductwork

Most homeowners will need to run the furnace or heating system regularly when winter starts. The ductwork can become dirty and full or harmful allergens if it is not regularly cleaned. Some ducts might even contain mold or droppings from pests that will be circulated through the house. Homeowners will want to schedule a professional cleaning in the fall. This will improve air quality and the efficiency of the furnace.

Repair Siding

The siding protects the house during the winter. Homeowners should check the siding for any damage or rotting areas. Damaged siding will allow water to enter the walls of the house. Damage can also allow warm air to escape. Homeowners should look for professionals to repair the damage. It can help to check the website of a contractor to see the qualifications of the company. By hiring professionals who are experienced in residential and commercial siding in Indianapolis homeowners can be sure the repairs will last through the winter.

Drain Irrigation Systems, Outdoor Pipes and Hoses

Any irrigation tubes, plumbing or hoses outside of the home should be drained before the temperatures drop. Freezing water can burst pipes and destroy faucets. The freezing water can even travel back into the home and cause problems. It is always best to bring items like hoses or irrigation tubing into the house for the winter.


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