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5 Ways to Jazz Up the Look of Your Driveway

One of the most important parts of a home is one you may have not thought about much, the driveway. The driveway is one of the first things a person sees when looking at a home, and it is also one of the parts that gets the most use from drivers and pedestrians. Below are five ways to jazz your driveway up into something truly worth looking at.

1. Lighting

Adding lighting can make your driveway exciting after the sun goes down. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. This includes lights that can be embedded directly into the driveway’s pavement. It also includes small lamp posts that can give your driveway a retro flair. Maintenance is also easy since most outdoor lighting is now solar powered and charged during the daytime.

5 Ways to Jazz Up the Look of Your Driveway

2. Color

One thing you may not know about concrete is the fact it can actually be dyed. You can, for example, dye your driveway to an attractive tan or blue color. Dyes are a better coloring choice than stains. This is due to the fact that many stains can affect the chemistry of the concrete and make it unstable.

3. Pavers

Pavers implement the same idea as cobblestone streets that look so attractive. They use interlocking pieces of concrete that are placed as a walkway or driveway. They can be placed in specific patterns and come in many colors and designs. They can certainly add a new level of elegance to any driveway. Companies like the Rowe Paving Company can install pavers into your driveway to your specifications. Repairing a damaged paver based driveway is also far simpler than with other driveways. The affected pavers simply need to be replaced.

4. Plant Life

Don’t forget to integrate plant life and landscaping into the design of your driveway. A tree overhanging the pavement can add a very romantic feel to a driveway. Neatly trimmed hedges on either side of the concrete can also create the look of a natural fence. Bushes, flowers, shrubs and exotic grasses are also great choices.

5. A Ribbon Style Driveway

A ribbon style driveway is another choice for adding a bit more nature to your pavement. In this design, long strips of grass run up the middle of the driveway. This is a classic look that can give your driveway a more timeless feel and remove some of the lifelessness of driveway designs that are only composed of stone and concrete.


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