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5 Ways to Achieve a Lively Home

5 Ways to Achieve a Lively Home

After a long and tiresome day of work, it feels refreshing to stay in a home that is full of life. However, setting up an invigorating home doesn’t always come naturally. After all, not everyone has the talent of designing.

But don’t despair! We’re here to help you decorate your home in the liveliest way possible. Instead of lying down on your bed mattress from the Philippines, read up so you can beautify your beloved place of residence.

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Let the Light In

It’s easy to feel down when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. In the same vein, a home that doesn’t let the sunshine in can make those in it feel gloomy.

There are many ways to bring in more light into your home. First off, make sure that the windows let in more sunlight. Clean up the grime and/or the cobwebs, and use curtains that are bright-colored – preferably beige or white – as they still let light permeate them even if they are closed. In addition, you can place mirrors in strategic locations to help light spread around. And lastly, if it feels as if the sunlight getting in your home is not enough, it’s time to add light fixtures that are left open during the day.

However You Like

You don’t have to subscribe to what top interior designers have to say. If you’re not feeling what they’re recommending, then it’s best that you stick to your tastes when it comes to decorating your home. After all, it’s easy to feel more alive and in tune with your home if you like how it looks.

Another good way to spruce up your house is to decorate it according to the things you love – make it the sleeve that you wear your heart on. If you’re into action figures, books, or plastic models, you can buy shelves and have them on display. Vases and figurines, if you are into them, also make excellent ornaments, as they elevate your home’s tastefulness. And of course, paintings add a lot to the ambience and aesthetics.

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Take Out the Tech

While some electronics can be a good display in different parts of your home, a lot of them are unsightly pieces of clutter. So for these things – wires, extension cords, computer parts, just to name a few – it’s best that they either remain hidden from your sight or properly disposed.

As for old appliances that are not “antique” enough to be displayed, it’s best that they are moved to the storage or sold to a junk shop. You have no use for them and they are not fashionable either, so it’d be better if you and your visitors don’t see them.

Cleaning It Up

A clean home is a happy and healthy home. This is true both in cleaning product commercials and real life, so you better start strutting your stuff and get rid of all the filth in grime that’s been collecting at home. Start in one room and then clean as you go, and don’t forget to either keep or throw away useless junk that you’ll come across with as you go along. Next thing you know, your place is a lot more spic-and-span than before, making it easier for you to breathe, relax, and generally have fun in.

Scheming About the Color

Dark colors definitely help if you want to be taken seriously, but such hues aren’t exactly helpful if you want to make your house seem as if it’s full of energy.

If you want to make your living space refreshing and full of life, then it’d be much preferable if you stick to light colors, as they help counteract the darkness and heaviness of the air in an enclosed space, especially if it’s a house.

There are many colors to choose from, but the best ones are those that lighten and liven up the house without becoming a bit too much for the eyes. These colors can also be combined without seeming off. These include aqua blue, spring green, sea-foam green, light pink, lime yellow, and lavender, just to name a few.

And if you’re brave and creative enough, you should try other color schemes too; it’s all about striking a fine balance.

A livelier home means a more energetic, more fun, and happier life in it. Who wouldn’t want that, right? So go, get on your feet and get moving – it’s time to put back some life into your home.


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