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5 Top Home Improvements That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you are one of those home owners always looking for ideas to make your life easier, you probably have a running list of creative designs and solutions on file you review periodically. Below are five more ideas you may wish to consider.

Get a Shed

Those handy wood sheds for sale at your local home improvement store can be the most versatile solutions for your home. They are great as standalone guest-rooms, offices, craft-rooms, and greenhouses. You can even turn them into rental units if you wish to make some money without having to sacrifice your privacy.

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Add a Half-bath

You know that annoying moment of having to clear off all your personal items from your one and only bathroom before you throw a party? You can eliminate all worries by adding a toilet and small sink close to your main entertaining space. Under the stairs nooks are prime candidates for a small half-bath, or you can carve out room by eliminating awkward built-in cabinets.

Solar Backup System

If you have ever been to a storm with no access to electricity and heat for days, you know well the value of an emergency solar system. They are easy to install and you can even tie them into your local grid. They are also great ways to learn about alternative energy and test whether you wish to invest in a full system.

Switch to PEX

If you are due for a new sewer and water update, consider using PEX for your plumbing needs. They are flexible and can accommodate awkward angles, heat resistant, stand up to extreme cold by expanding, and a breeze to repair in time of an emergency.

Opt for Hard Floors

Carpets are dusty, hard to clean, and labor-intensive. You can even have a potential mold field growing on your sub-floor without being any the wiser. Changing to wood flooring can cut your cleaning time in half as well as provide cleaner air in your home. If you still want the feel of carpet, you can always opt for well-placed accent rugs.

The key in making use of home improvement ideas is personalization. Most people do not need portable storage sheds for storing their possessions, but they find them very useful as playhouses or garden-sheds. Always assess you needs and goals before you embark on a project, and learn about the latest innovations so that you can make the best choice for your needs.


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