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5 Tips for Protecting Your Family From Burglaries and Break-Ins

Burglaries and break-ins can occur during any time of the year, and in any location. While you may think that you live in a safe neighborhood and are not at risk for a break-in, this type of tragedy can actually happen to anyone in any type of neighborhood around the world. To keep your family safe from harm and to protect yourself from a potential burglary, these 5 helpful tips will assist you in taking the necessary steps to avoid this issue. Now you and your family can rest comfortably in your own home, knowing that you are safe from this type of harm.

Guard Dogs

Getting a dog is one way to detract unwanted visitors from breaking into your home. The simple sound of a bark in enough to scare off burglars, since most criminals will want to have the element of surprise. A larger dog can also cause an enormous amount of injury to those that threaten their family, which is enough of a reason for a burglar to avoid your home. If getting a dog is not something that your family is interested in, you can also protect yourselves by simply putting up a sign in your front yard, on the gate, or on the door that states, “Beware of Dog”. Even if you do not have a dog, burglars do not know this and they will often avoid your house simply because of the sign.


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Locking the Doors and Windows

Protect your family from break-ins by ensuring that everyone in the household locks their windows and always locks the door behind them after entering the house. Check the locks before going to bed at night and make this a regular routine that you and your children practice. Most burglaries are simply the result of a door or window that is left open, which are open invitations to criminals to enter your home.

You will also want to inspect all of your different locks in order to make sure that they are effective. The best type of lock that you can have for your doors is a bolt lock, but a chain lock can often times be just as effective, though, it is wise to use long screws that can go deep into your door. For your windows, the actual locks that come with the window are often now enough to prevent it from being opened. Instead, place poles or other physical objects in places that completely prevent the window from being opened.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Start up or join your Neighborhood Watch Program. You and your neighbors can reduce crime in the area by simply putting up some signs and keeping your eyes out for any suspicious behavior. Knowing that your neighbors are looking out for you is a great way to have a safe home and a safe neighborhood. Your Neighborhood Watch Program, can also keep a close watch on activities that might threaten the children or people in the neighborhood. For example, if you find that some people regularly are driving through your neighborhood after a night of partying, your neighborhood watch group could call a local San Diego DUI attorney in order to resolve the issue, splitting the costs between all of the different members.

Security Systems

One of the most efficient ways to protect yourself and your home from burglaries is to install a home security system. A security system with 24 hour monitoring lets you know that someone is always watching your home to ensure that no windows or doors are broken into, even when you are not there yourself. The great thing about an automated home security system is that the monitoring company will be able to immediately notify you if there is a problem on the system. If you do not respond, or if you are simply unaware of what’s happening, they can contact the authorities in order to have them come and inspect the area and find the problem. Thus, these systems are absolutely essential for those that are often gone from their home, or for those that want the absolutely highest level of security.

Outdoor Lighting

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from burglars is to simply install lights outside of your home that are motion activated. Thus, when anyone approaches your home at night the lights will come on automatically. This more than likely will cause any criminal to go into a panic, perhaps suspecting that you have already spotted them. These systems can also warn you of anyone that is approaching your home if you are still awake. Outdoor lighting can also help to protect friends and family that are coming to visit your home at night, since it will automatically provide them with the light that they need to make it safely to your home.

By taking advantage of these helpful tips, you are sure to protect your family from potential robberies and break-ins that can occur in your area. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home and family.

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