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5 Useful Tips for First-time Aquarium Buyers

Hardly anyone will disagree that an aquarium enhances the look and feel of a house by a massive degree. Fishes of varied colors swimming in a glass tank embellished with proper lighting, gravels of different shapes and sizes, and other aquarium decorations look extremely attractive. Moreover, an aquarium also reveals a lot about the owner’s tastes and preferences.

If you are planning to buy an aquarium, here are 5 basic suggestions in order to help you understand your responsibilities to use the aquarium to its best effect:

#1. Choosing the right-sized tank is most essential. You need to consider the amount of space you can allot for the aquarium. If you have enough space, it is advisable to go for at least a 20 gallon tank. A large tank helps to keep water chemistry and temperature stable.

#2. Changing the water of the aquarium must be done at least twice a week. This is considered the minimum amount for a lightly stocked tank. The greater the number of fishes, the greater will be the number of times you will have to change the water.

#3. Overfeeding should never be carried out. Feeding the fishes 2-times a day is sufficient. Do not be tempted to feed them if you feel they are looking hungry. Drop in small quantities of food and let them eat before adding more.

#4. Before buying the fishes, know thoroughly about the compatibility and requirements of various species. Prepare a list of fishes you would like to buy. This will save you from taking instant decisions. While buying, you need to observe carefully and check whether a fish has malfunctioning parts like damaged gills, split fins, etc.

#5. Plants and gravels are important parts of a great aquarium. While aquatic plants produce oxygen for the fishes, the gravel-base act a ‘under-gravel’ filter. Above all, they make the aquarium look more appealing to the eyes. Just remember to add a good light source, and it is good to go.

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