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5 Things Your Home May Be Missing You Haven’t Thought About

Although many individuals are interested in improving the quality of their living space, they are often unaware of how to do so. Yet there are a variety of great features that an individual can add to the home to make it more functional, aesthetically appealing, or safe. Here are several features you can add to your home which you may not have thought about yet:

Home Automation

As a result of great technological advancements, individuals interested in making their homes more secure can do so through home automation. Although broadly defined, home automation is basically the centralized control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, appliances, comfort, security, and energy efficiency. In context of security, home automation features surveillance systems that can send you updates via e-mail regarding things such as when someone enters your home or a light is turned on.

Window Shutters

Purchasing and installing shutters for windows is a great yet often overlooked way to make your home stand out. The aesthetic appeal that shutters bring your home results from the fact that you can choose shadings and designs that complement the existing color scheme you have. In some cases, you may find that hiring a professional to select the right color and design scheme enables you to make your home look as beautiful as possible.

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The futon is one of the most fun and functional pieces of furniture you could add to your living space. In short, the futon is a Japanese quilted mattress that is rolled out on your floor and used as a bed. In addition to giving your home an appealing look one might call contemporary or edgy, the futon is a great piece of furniture to keep handy in the event that you have unexpected guests.

A Chalkboard

Chalkboards seem to be growing increasingly common in homes, and for good reason. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, chalkboards can be used to record important information like grocery lists or upcoming deadlines. Place one in a conspicuous place to keep yourself up to date with everything that’s going on.

Stained Glass Windows

Because of their spiritualized nature, stained glass windows can be a wonderful addition to a home if you are attempting to cultivate an environment marked by peace and unity with the universal dimension of life. Stained glass windows can come in a variety of different shadings that blend in with the color scheme you already have in place. Whether subtle or conspicuous, your stained glass windows can give your home the very personal and peaceful touch you’ve always wanted.


Although finding the perfect decorations for your home can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. By implementing some of the strategies listed above, you can find yourself livening up your living space like never before.

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