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5 Termite Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Here are 5 Termite Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Termites are incredibly damaging to homes, and they actually tend to be a lot more common than you might think. The problem with termites is that they can often go undetected for years. Only when an infestation is severe do you start seeing the effects of these pests. Whether you use a professional company like Solutions Self Chem to rid your home of termites or you go with a DIY solution, prevention truly is key in keeping your home termite-free.

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1. Keep Old Wood Away from the Home

Old wood that’s left outside during changing weather conditions can be a breeding and feasting ground for termites. Termites love wet wood to feast upon, so you’ll want to either clean up any old wood piles around your home or divert them away from your house as far as possible.

2. Keep Sprinkler Systems Away from the Home

All sprinkler systems used to irrigate your lawn should not face or shoot water anywhere near the actual house or its foundation. You do not want to have continuous bucket-loads of water thrown onto the home because this will cause a constant wet condition for the wood of the house.

3. Repair Any Plumbing Problems Immediately

Leaking plumbing, burst pipes and issues with drainage from the lawn can all contribute to a less-than-desirable effect underneath the home. If the wooden beams are wet under the house because of constant plumbing issues, this can be the ideal place for termites to live and eat. If you’ve recently dealt with a plumbing leak, consider having the area dried-out by cleaning professionals.

4. Dry Out Flooded Areas

Many people live in flood zones in the United States, and flooding can cause the beams and foundation of your home to be saturated in water for hours or even days at a time. When the flood finally subsides, you’re left with soaking wet beams that are a treat for a termite population. Make sure to have expert disaster relief cleaning specialists come in to dry out the area that was hit most by the flooding.

5. Inspect Your Home for Evidence of Termites

Termites don’t really walk or fly around the house as much as other pests. They are somewhat known as silent intruders, simply because most people don’t even know they have termites until the infestation becomes severe. However, there are ways for you to inspect for termites yourself. Look into cracks in concrete, cracks in foundation and even in your basement or crawlspace. If you see termites, larvae or clear wings, this could be a sign that you have termites.

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