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5 Repairs You Need to Make Before It Gets Any Cooler

As temperatures begin to fall, many people begin to worry about the last-minute repairs that should be done before the heavy winter snow and ice does its damage. A number of tasks done now can save you money in more expensive repairs when the hard weather does its worst.

Update Windows

If you have broken, cracked or loose windows, have the glass repaired or make the investment in new windows before the colder weather arrives. New window types offer double and triple glazing that provides superior energy efficiency in the cold winters of Minnesota. These windows can help you to save money on your heating bill throughout the cold months.

5 Repairs You Need To Make Before It Gets Any Colder

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Roof Maintenance

Minnesota winters can put a lot of stress on residential roofing. Heavy snow falls and the buildup of ice can increase the pressure on roofing materials and structures. To ensure that these stresses do not cause leaking into your home’s interior, get a professional roof inspection before winter snows arrive. An experienced roofing contractor can make the minor repairs on your roof that can prevent more serious problems as the weather worsens.

Gutter Inspection

As important as your roof system is your gutter system. Gutters help to divert snow, ice and moisture away from your home’s walls and foundation. Keeping your gutter system fully functioning will help to prevent structural damage from moisture. Repair or replace problem areas in your gutter system to be ready for winter.

Furnace Tune-up

An annual inspections and cleaning will help to keep your furnace functioning throughout the cold winter months. If your furnace is older than 10 years old, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model that will save you money on heating expenses throughout the winter. A number of different types are available to suit our particular needs.

Winter Yard Preparation

The ice and heavy snows can do serious damage to your bushes, trees and valuable landscape plantings. Proper trimming can help to reduce winter damage and preserve the beauty of your landscape plants. You should also cover delicate plantings with appropriate coverings for the winter months. To do the pre-winter preparation on your landscape Maple Grove MN residents should call a professional contractor for reliable expert service to prevent the loss of your expensive landscape plants.

If you take care of these five repairs, your home will be in good condition to withstand the rigors of the worst of winter weather. Take care of these matters now to prevent more expensive repairs later on.

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