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5 Remodels that will Make Your House Feel More Like a Home

There are numerous projects you can engage in to make your house a more personalized space. The remodeling projects listed below are some of the more popular and practical ways to make your house feel like a home.


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Remodeling the kitchen

Generally, a considerable amount of time is spent in the kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen to make it compatible with your cooking style and lifestyle will make your house feel more like a home. A remodeling projects gives you the opportunity to configure the layout in a way that works best for you. You can choose flooring, counter top material, cabinet styles and colors that create the atmosphere you desire. Special features such as an island or double ovens can make your kitchen more personalized.

Designing a living room that fits your lifestyle

Your living room should be designed so that you, your family and your friends find it to be a comfortable place to spend time. Remodeling it to accommodate your lifestyle might include projects such as removing a wall to create an open floor plan, adding a fireplace, replacing old windows and outdated flooring. Color and texture play an important role in creating the atmosphere you desire.

Remodeling the master bedroom

Remodeling the bedroom to make it a more personally accommodating space is a popular remodeling project. Increasing the storage space in the room might be a priority. A walk-in closet is an excellent addition to a bedroom. Expanding the room to make space for a sitting area is something that you are sure to enjoy as time goes by.

Remodeling the bathroom

When you remodel a bathroom, you have the opportunity to include energy efficient products, low flow water features and personally pampering features such as a rain shower or jetted tub, heated towel bars or heated floors. You can include tile, flooring and countertops that reflect your design style.

Add a sunroom

If you make the addition of a sunroom one of your remodeling projects, you will increase the living space in your home and have a wonderful new area to relax in. Sunrooms can transition from being used as an additional place for the family to gather and kids to play to a personal retreat area that is ideal for relaxing while observing nature.

Redo the Roof

The roof of a home gives a lot of personality to the overall appearance. Depending on where you live, some types of roofs work better. Tile roofing in Calgary would look out of place, and might not do as well with the snow, where as a wood shake roof would make a home look like a quaint cottage. Check with a roofing company like Great Canadian Roofing and Exteriors to see what type of roof would look best on your house.


Remodeling a house gives you the opportunity to make it function more effectively for you. It also enables you to add personal touches that make the house feel more like home.

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