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5 Great Do It Yourself Plumbing Tips

Plumbing nightmares seem like an inevitable fact of life for every homeowner, from leaky faucets to clogged toilets and everything in-between. Yet, trouble with plumbing does not mean one has to dip into their wallets. Homeowners can resolve some plumbing issues by themselves. The following are just a few tips on do it yourself plumbing.

Turn Off the Water

This goes without saying, but a surprising number of people are so determined to tackle the plumbing issue they forget to turn the water off. The results are nothing short of disastrous and frustrating. In order to avoid taking a shower before the job is done, locate the cut-off valve or main and shut the water off before tackling the leak.

Basic Supplies

Homeowners that choose to handle their own plumbing problems should keep basic plumbing supplies on hand. First, one must determine what kind and size of piping is in the house. Do not forget the washers, O-rings, and plumber’s tape. In addition, if one is going to handle plumbing issues, one may want to invest in the proper tools. Otherwise, a small plumbing problem could become a huge plumbing disaster.

Disassemble Chaos

Repairing a broken pipe requires disassembling the plumping set-up, but keep in mind reassembling the parts to the fixture may prove more complicated than one thinks. This is especially true if one simply piles the parts up without any organization. Lay the parts out in the order they are disassembled to ease the complication of reassembly. If the job proves to be too much or far too complicated, do not hesitate to contact a professional plumber. You can search online for something like: Plumbing repair Dallas Tx or whatever local area you’re in, and they can tackle any plumbing issues if the job becomes too much for you.


Some sound advice is to check fixture parts while one has everything disassembled. This is the prime time to go over everything and make sure the parts are not worn, chipped or in need of replacement. If one finds worn pieces, be proactive and replace the part, preventing any potential problems in the future.

Find Hidden Pipes

Pipes have a nasty habit of hiding in insulation, sub-flooring and even walls. Unfortunately, these very same pipes can lead to some serious issues if they begin to leak or burst. The solution is to locate the hidden pipes before any problems arise. To do so, purchase an electrical kind of fish tape, feed it through the pipes and use a magnet or compass to locate those tricky pipes. Talk to a professional at your local hardware store if you have more questions on tools, problems, or anything else plumbing related.

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