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5 Fully Customizable Backyard Solutions

The backyard is an important space in a home. It can serve as the center of social gatherings for families and friends, a play area for children and a space for relaxation. Given the multiple functions that the backyard can serve in a home, it is important to consider different options available to customize a backyard in order to maximize the space.

5. A Fountain

An outdoor fountain can help create a rustic, tranquil setting in your backyard. A fountain can serve as a backdrop for a garden or foliage. Fountains can come in a variety of sizes or formats, from wall fountains to freestanding fountains. The fountain material can also help draw attention to the landscape of the backyard.

4. An Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace provides a great central area for any outdoor space. The fireplace can act as a gathering area in either the cold winter months or the warm summer months. Fireplaces can be made of different material, including brick or stone.

3. A Cabana

A cabana helps frame the other features in your backyard. The cabana area should include a comfortable seating area, end tables and a center table to hold reading materials and decorations.

The cabana is one of the most customizable backyard features. From the material that the outdoor furniture is made from to the fabric used for the curtains to the plants and greenery that surround the cabana, there are many options and decisions to make.

2. A Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is the quintessential backyard feature. In recent years, the level of sophistication in swimming pools has increased dramatically. Swimming pools now include custom features like waterfalls and grottos. A hot tub just on the edge of a swimming pool is an increasingly common feature for swimming pools. A custom hot tub can be made of stainless steel or copper and can include a theater entertainment system with a DVD player or iPod connection.

1. An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen provides an ideal setting for entertaining. There are several important features to include in an outdoor kitchen, including a sink, a refrigerator and a grill. An outdoor kitchen provides many options for customization. You can choose to start a garden to use as a source of fruits, vegetables and herbs for your outdoor kitchen. You can also customize the material and the layout of your kitchen.

The backyard is often overlooked when homeowners try to create a vision for their homes. The backyard is one of the most central and customizable areas of a home. From an outdoor kitchen to a swimming pool to a fountain, homeowners have many options available in trying to make the space their own.


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