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5 Fall Time Decorations That Every Home Needs

Here are the 5 Fall Time Decorations

The weather has finally changed from hot and humid to chilly and brisk. The leaves have turned from a bright green to a variety of warm tones. Autumn is finally here and a new season means new adornments and decorations. These indoor and outdoor suggestions are a perfect Fall-time craft that look lovely in any home.


Autumn Candles

Your home is not complete without ornamental candles this season. Candles are not only pretty to look at, but they are a nice way to warm your home or brighten your front porch. Look for candles scented with apples or pumpkin spice to give off a familiar fall aroma. There are also many craft ideas for candles, but a classic one involves leaves you can find in your own backyard. Glue leaves on the glass jar of a candle so that when they are lit, they glow brilliantly, illuminating the area.


Photos from Flickr Creative Commons
Photos from Flickr Creative Commons

Seasonal Sunflower Wreath

A gorgeous wreath is a must for autumn, regardless of whether or not they are more recognized for winter. Search for wreaths in your local stores that really give off a jovial vibe. Wreaths adorned with sunflowers and colorful leaves are classic. If you are really feeling creative, you can even make your own using hobby wire and some of the aforementioned embellishments.


Pumpkin Pizazz

No home can survive this season without a festive pumpkin! While it is tradition to carve them during October, they still make a fine addition to your front porch as they are. No one pumpkin looks exactly alike, so use that to your advantage. Order pumpkins on your porch from largest to smallest, weirdest to simplest. Another option would be to paint your pumpkins in fall colors such as red, brown, and yellow.


Photos from Flickr Creative Commons
Photos from Flickr Creative Commons

Owl Adornments

Not only are owls considered wise, but they are often accompanied with the fall season. If you can’t find any real owls, explore nearby flea markets for trinkets and statues. Even glassware would make a nice touch, or perhaps use an owl statue as a centerpiece.


Pretty Pine Trees

Pinecones are a cute way to decorate your home, and there are plenty of ways to do so. Collect some from outside for a true rustic look or buy some fake ones from the craft store. Setting them along windowsills are a good way for not only the people inside to enjoy them, but passerby’s and neighbors on the outside as well. They also make fantastic centerpieces, but make sure they are clean of dirt before setting them on the table.



These decorations are a must have for autumn, being both creative and classy. In addition to these fall décor ideas, getting your home ready for the colder weather by having your roof checked with T Simpson Roofing is a great fall-time idea. Whether they are tiny candles, large pumpkins, or any size in between, all are perfect ornaments to add to any room and porch. Stay warm this season and enjoy these decor ideas that will enhance the beauty of your home.

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