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5 Easy Fixes for Poor Water Pressure

How to fix the Poor Water Pressure Problems?

As you look for ways to fix poor water pressure at home, you must make sure that you work with a company like Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. You want to consider many ways that you can fix the water pressure in the house, and you should try these things on your own if you can. Each new items is a simple way to see if you can fix the water pressure that has been lagging.

Clear the Drains

You need to make sure that you have cleaned out all the drains in the house. There are times when these drains harbor debris that could be causing issues with your water pressure. You can pull up each drain and clear off the debris yourself in a matter of moments.

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Clear the Pipes

You can use a hydrojetting process to clean out all the pipes in the house to improve water pressure. Nothing will be left in the pipes, and there will be nothing left to stop the water from flowing.

Poor Inlet Valve

When the water comes into your house, you may have a problem with the inlet valve that comes into your house. These valves could be stuck or old. Replacing this valve or repairing could help the water flow into the house much more easily. You want to check on this before you move to options that are outside.

The Water Key

You want to make sure that your water key outside the house is turned fully to the on position. Many people might have their water key turned off slightly, and it possible that that small amount of pressure could cause water to flow slowly into your house. These water keys could be stuck in a certain position due to bad weather, or someone in the neighborhood could have turned it by accident.

The Outdoor Pipes

You need to make sure that the pipes on the outside of the house are in good condition. You can ask a plumber to check these pipes to make sure that water is getting to your house properly. The flow ma be slow outside, and the water may not even make it into the house at a high enough pressure to make a difference.

You can use all these tips to make certain that the water pressure in the house is proper. You want to tackle poor water pressure before this problem gets out of control.


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