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4 Ways You Can Make Your Home Stand out on the Market

4 Ways You Can Make Your Home Stand out on the Market

It’s important to make your home stand out if you want to make a quick sale. It doesn’t matter if it is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market—homes that attract more attention tend to sell better and for higher prices. Below are four ways you can help your home to stand out in a crowded market.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

Start with the curb appeal of your home. Make sure that your front yard looks presentable, then get to work on landscaping. Refresh your paint, add some ornamentation, and do what you can to make the home look interesting in a way that’s still in line with the aesthetics of your neighborhood. Good curb appeal will make more people stop and look at your home.

Price it Right

You will definitely want to work with real estate agents to price your home competitively. Your goal should be to price your home in a way that’s not necessarily the lowest possible price point, but one that will intrigue the most potential buyers. You want to have a price that will not only attract those for whom your price seems fair, but those who might consider the price a steal and those for whom the price of the home might be a slight but attainable stretch.

Go Social

Don’t be afraid to get out and promote your home yourself. Get on social media and start letting people know that your home is available for sale. Your real estate agent will do the same, and that’s going to bring in even more curious buyers. While you may not necessarily get a bite from your online listings, it still helps to get the word about your home out there with a simple and free method.

Stage it Professionally

Finally, make sure that the inside of your home looks as spectacular as the outside. If you really want to make your home stand out, have it staged professionally. While there’s certainly a cost involved, it will help you to make the most of your space and will let the buyer see the potential in your home.

If you can make your home stand out on the market, you’ll stand a much better chance of selling it both quickly and for a good price. Make sure to make your home look appealing and to spread the word as wide as you can. With a little effort, you’ll raise interest in your home and get a bidding war started over your property.

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