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4 Surefire Ways To Make A Small Backyard Seem Larger

While landscaping a small backyard may seem such a tricky home improvement project, it is possible to create a feeling of expansiveness only if the available space is utilized properly. A good number of homeowners associate bigger yards with magical ambiance considering the fact that they can be designed to have separate areas for relaxation and entertainment. However, this can also apply to a yard that’s limited in square footage since the human brain can be easily tricked. Basically, your brain can be deceived in 3 dimensions through illusions that alter its perception of space.

Do you have to sacrifice sophistication in order to live large? Well, most people find it hard to live in a small space, but creating a space that’s fun and functional for your family does not necessarily pertain to the surface area, but it’s all about good design. In essence, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying additional space if you are burdened with a teeny backyard, especially if size matters to you. For instance, simple garden patterns will not only make your small yard standout, but also it will help create an illusion of vastness. Nonetheless, here are some surefire ways to make a small backyard seem larger.


1. Create multiple focal points

Actually, this is one of the most effective landscaping techniques that you can use to make your small yard appear bigger on budget. Creating a manifold of focal points in your yard is a great way to lure the eye’s attention and help small spaces feel tidier. For instance, you can use brightly colored mulch in green foliage areas around your small yard or even plant a wide variety of flowers with different colors, sizes and shapes in order to give the area added eye appeal.

Additionally, an arbor placed over a barren open space creates a focal point by inviting yet another opportunity to add an impression of largeness to your small yard. However, you must ensure that your focal points are strategically placed and also should be in harmony with other landscaping designs.

2. Add depth to your backyard

This might sound somewhat complex, but it’s actually much easier since it involves a few simple landscaping designs. For example, to add depth to your garden, plant your plants in layers based on their heights and textures, but you must make sure that you choose at least two colors and stick with them, besides green. Also, avoid creating straight paths, straight borders or even straight garden beds in your garden if you would like to add some depth to it. Lack of depth in your garden not only makes it to appear small but also boring, but creation of depth help make your garden look beautiful by opening up usable space.


3. Choose color wisely

The use of color is one of the most popular techniques that can help make small backyards appear large. Do you know that the primary reason as to why people plant plants in their yards is because the color they provide through their flowers or leaves? When used wisely, colors found in your garden plants can help expand the appearance of your yard. For instance, you need to invest on plants which produce warm colors, such as red, orange yellow and brown since they have an electrifying effect on the human brain. Therefore, consider installing warm colored plants near the dominant focus of your yard or along its edges and borders.

4. Think Vertically: Create a vertical garden

Evidently, the biggest challenge with small gardens is chiefly lack of horizontal space, and going vertically seem to be the most perfect solution. Perhaps, it’s important to note that your brain deduces space based on both horizontal and vertical dimensions, and addition of visual cues which draw your eyes upward will certainly help make a yard with limited space appear larger. Trees make an excellent addition for adding height to a garden. However, you should be keen enough when choosing trees because they have different growing habits, and hence can take different shapes and sizes.

You can also hang planters on fences or even put plants with shallow root systems in trays and mount them to walls or posts at the borders of your backyard. Essentially, you need to plant prudently if you would like to have a backyard that appears larger without giving up valuable space.

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