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4 Steps to Fixing Your Noisy Front Door

It is not fun to deal with a loud and squeaky front door. No, this is an annoying and stupid problem to deal with all the time. Funny enough, it is an easy fix and will only require a few minutes of your time. Not only that, you will not need to own a lot of tools. For this reason, you should opt to fix your squeaky door without paying a professional. Here are four tips to do so quickly and without trouble.

Find the Exact Problems:

Now, when you want to fix a door, you should isolate the problem and ensure where it starts and ends. To do this, you must first make sure the house and surrounding areas are quite. Otherwise, you will not have an easy time hearing the noise. Next, you should simply open and close the door. Ideally, you should have your spouse or a friend help you listen. With this, you can find the problem and get started. Remember, this is a serious and vital task, and you should do this before proceeding. Otherwise, if you want to find your own place, you can check out a website like Urban Leasing of Houston.

4 Steps to Fixing Your Noisy Front Door

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Get the Supplies:

With this simple problem, you may only need a screwdriver and some lubrication. Since most people have these items in their house, this is not something to worry about and fret over. If not, you can head to a hardware store and buy the items for a few dollars.

Spray it Down:

Now, you will want to look for the hinges and any metal areas. With this, you should spray it down as much as possible. Not only that, you may want to adjust some screws. Either way, when doing this efficiently, you can fix the problem and move on to the next step. However, you should make sure to allow the door to dry as this will help you figure out the problem. Remember, it may only sound nice for a minute. For this reason, you should follow the next step.

Test It Out:

Without a doubt, you must test your door and ensure it works well. To do this, you should open and close it a couple of times. If you hear nothing, you have fixed the problem and will no longer have to hear the annoying noises.

If you want to fix your noisy front door, you must follow this short guide. Luckily, it should only take a few minutes to enjoy a quiet front door.


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