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4 Signs that Will Tell You if Your House is a Target for Burglars

Burglars spend a good amount of time looking for the most vulnerable homes in a neighborhood. They will look for small signs or common behaviors that make breaking into the house and escaping with valuables as easy as possible. Homeowners should be aware of four signs that indicate a house is likely to become a target for burglars.

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Open Doors and Windows

Open doors and windows will attract burglars quickly. This includes front doors, back doors and garage doors. Doors and windows should be closed and locked whenever the house is unoccupied. Burglars who observe a pattern of leaving windows and doors open during the summer will exploit this behavior. Criminals might even choose a house that is easy to access even if there are not many valuables inside.


Tools and Equipment outside the House

Many burglars are opportunistic. Leaving tools and equipment from home repairs outside will attract attention from criminals. Items like ladders will provide easy access to second floor windows or low rooftops. This makes getting into the house easier. Similarly, tools in a yard make it easy for a burglar to quickly break a window or pry open an old door. These items should always be stored inside the home.


No Visible Security Measures

Security systems make breaking into a home more difficult. They can also make catching the criminal easier. Houses without any visible security measures will become a target for burglars—most burglars who see any signs of a security system will just go to the next house. Charlotte home security professionals tell their customers to put their security decal signs in the window or on the lawn because the signs alone are a huge deterrent for burglars. Visible security systems and cameras will also cause a burglar to think twice about approaching your home.


Unkempt Lawns, Parked Cars and Piles of Mail

Unoccupied homes are the least risky for burglars. Any signs that the home is unoccupied will cause burglars to target the house. This includes an unkempt lawn or sidewalk, parked cars that never move and piles of mail accumulating every day. Constantly dark or constantly lit windows are also a sign. It is best to take care of the property, use timers for lights and have neighbors pick up mail and trash while the family is away. Customers who use Vivint in Concord CA have the ability to turn their lights on and off from their smartphones, so whether they are gone for a few hours or a few weeks—they can give their home the appearance that someone is there.


Burglars have little interest in overcoming many different security mechanisms and deterrents in order to rob a house. Homeowners should take every step to make it as difficult as possible to enter the home. Even simple strategies like adding a second lock can cause criminals to move on to another house.

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