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4 Major Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Roof Repaired

Getting Your Roof Repaired

If you are a homeowner, at some point you will need to have your roofing repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, one of the most common complaints by homeowners concerning home renovations and repairs by contractors is poor service rendered by roofing companies. There are also a lot of complaints associated with being overcharged. For this reason, it is paramount that homeowners take any potential roofing company through a vetting process.



Although the homeowner should conduct substantial external research on the company, it is also important for them to take the time interview the owner or manager of the roofing company to clarify any lingering questions they may have. They will also want to ask some specific questions that should help to verify the company’s legitimacy and capabilities to perform the job to acceptable standards. Below are four questions that every homeowner should ask a roofing company that is performing work for them for the first time.

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What is the complete name and address of your company?

This especially important for companies that use a post office box in their advertisements. Any roofing company that does not have a physical address should immediately send up a red flag. If they are able to provide an address, take the time to verify it. Even if it means that the homeowner has to drive by and check out the address themselves.

Are you insured?

Any reputable roofing company should have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their workers in case they are injured while working on the homeowner’s roof. This will help protect the homeowner from being targeted for any injuries. They should also have liability insurance to protect the homeowner in case of any injuries or damages.

Do you use subcontractors?

The homeowner should verify whether or not the primary roofing company will be using a subcontractor. If the answer is yes, then these same questions must be asked of them.

Do you have references?

Consulting references is one of the most effective methods for verifying the reputation of a roofing company. It is also effective in determining the level of competency of the company.

It is extremely important for homeowners to take the roofing company through this vetting process. Although it may be somewhat uncomfortable, it could save them a lot of money and heartache.


Information Source: T Simpson Roofing

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