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These 4 Issues Destroy Your Home’s Curb Appeal

These 4 Issues Destroy Your Home’s Curb Appeal

According to Better Homes and Garden, your home’s curb appeal has a dramatic effect on whether people feel comfortable entering your home. A well-maintained curb is an important part of your landscaping, so you need to spend the time to avoid the four most common issues that might destroy your curb appeal.

Improper Edging

Just because you have a curb doesn’t mean you’re ready to call it quits for the weekend. Poor edging, or no edging at all, can drastically reduce the appeal of your curb. Bricks, stones and pavers can all be used to help create a concise line. Think of it as detailing for your curb. The better the detailing, the more striking and cared for your home will look.

Image courtesy of WitthayaPhonsawat /
Image courtesy of WitthayaPhonsawat /

Poor Lighting

At night, your home is probably accented by lights along your walkway, a porch light or other decorative lighting to make your home stand out. Lighting along your curb can evoke a well-maintained, structured feel to your home. Consider using solar lights so you don’t have to run cables from your home or increase your electricity bill. Lighting can help make your home more inviting and give it a warm feeling.

Natural Elements Versus End of Life

Every component in your home, from the roofing to the trees you plant in the front yard, have a certain expected life cycle. United Roofing, a group of home repair experts, note that it’s not always possible for the casual observer to determine whether elements like roofing are damaged by natural elements or if it’s just reaching the end of its life cycle. Your curb also has an intended life cycle, but things out of your control may damage your side walk and cause the need for early repairs.


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Upgrade Your Mailbox

If you have an old, outdated mailbox, consider spending the money on a suitable upgrade. Believe it or not, the mailbox says a lot about your home. Look for a mailbox with personality that accentuates your home, and helps to tidy up your curb. For additional appeal, consider adding a lamp or planting flowers around the mailbox.

Include a House Number

If you don’t have your house number printed on your curb, look around to see if your neighbors could also use this upgrade. Consult with other members of your neighborhood to see if they would like to go in together to get numbers painted on your curb. This does two things—it makes it easier for people to find your home, and creates a sense of community and cooperation amongst your neighbors.


Don’t settle for an ordinary curb appeal. The appearance of your home from the street does have an impact on how other’s perceive your home and its value. Simple additions can help improve the effectiveness of your home’s appearance, and make it easier to sell if you decide to move in the future.

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