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4 Common Myths Disabused About RTA Kitchen Cabinets

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The cost of living is surging high with every passing day, renovation or buying new furniture for decor is often a costly affair. One of the smartest and most affordable ways of refurbishing your cooking space is the use of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

As budget turns out to be a very important determinant in home decors and repairs, a lot of people are considering assembled kitchen cabinets as a viable option as it enhances the style quotient and fits the budget.

Though such RTA kitchen cabinets are slowly and steadily finding a foothold in the market, there are still some common myths that surround this furniture. Many of these myths now need to be disabused as buyers are well educated.

Though a lot of these doubts have been true in the past, the present day scenario is quite different. With top class manufacturers investing in assembled furniture and the competition so stiff, today’s assembled cabinets are anything but of low quality.

brown kitchen cabinet

Here are some of the aspects related to the RTA myths:

#1. Quality

One of the most common doubts that prospective buyers fear is the quality and durability of the product. A lot of people believe that RTA kitchen cabinets lack the quality of a custom-made cabinet or branded products.

Though in the initial stages, this was quite the truth as they were made of substandard materials. However, as the market has expanded and technology got refined, the market now offers assembled cabinets that are quality products.

This upliftment of quality has revolutionized both the market and people’s mindset, resulting in buzzing market for such products. With assured durability of the products and easy affordability, assembled kitchen cabinets are worth both your trust and money.

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#2. Looks and variety

Among the myths, another of the common notions is RTA cabinets look cheap. Maybe that was a concern when the quality of material used was not up to the mark. However, with assembled kitchen cabinets designed with quality materials as well as polished, this is no more a concern.

In fact, assembled furniture today are of such great finish and quality that even experts are often confused in identifying a custom-made cabinet and an assembled one.

#3. Professional assistance

Another common belief is that assembling or installing RTA kitchen cabinets needs professional experts or architects to lay out the cabinet. But installing these ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are far easier, and you can do it yourself.

Each RTA cabinet comes with a copy of explicit instructions. Moreover, there are instruction videos available online for assembling them, using which getting a cabinet is a catwalk. It does not take your whole day and you can be done with it within a couple of hours. All you need are these instructions, a screwdriver, and hammer.

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#4. The price you pay

So a lot of you believe that if you are paying half the price of a custom made cabinet, it must be not that great or of high quality. However, to your awe, that is not the case. These are high-quality products that are manufactured in a bulk and with a lower shipping price, thus facilitating manufacturers to keep the price at bay.

Moreover, you can save more by going on with the installation process by yourself and availing the RTA cabinets free shipping facility. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and stress too. Therefore, it’s worth the investment.

Don’t buy in the negatives

The market for RTA kitchen cabinets has seen much popularity in the last few years and the only reason behind is the availability of a high-quality product at an affordable range. Moreover, along with the quality and price, exceptional range of options in materials, colors, and designs has only added to its popularity. Myths are to be busted and the modern assembled kitchen cabinets have already done it.

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