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4 Bright Ideas to Let More Natural Light Into a Private Space

4 Bright Ideas to Let More Natural Light Into a Private Space

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live in secluded enough environments to allow for large, clear windows in private spaces like our bedrooms or bathrooms; which is a shame when you consider that natural light helps lift endorphins and increase productivity. However there are ways to ensure that natural light is let into to these rooms.

Skylights are a popular and a very effective way to allow more natural light into a space. With the help of blinds like Solar Shades you can ensure that 100% of the natural light is let in without heating up the room too much. They usually do require a contractor to help in the remodelling however. Skylights are time tested and prove to be a refreshing way to gain access to natural light. In order to gain as much from the skylights as you can, consider the placement of furniture and fittings in the room. For example, ensure your bed is placed in a way so that it gets the morning sun from the skylight. If you need some inspiration, Naturehumaine’s property ‘Sorel’ uses an amazing skylight to pump light into home.

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Sun tunnel
A sun tunnel is also known as a ‘tubular’ skylight at times. They work for both flat and pitched roofs and are a good way to let natural light in if you have limited roof space. Essentially they are a literal tube between the roof and your ceiling and make a good replacement for a light fitting.

Long, horizontal windows
Nothing can actually beat the open and airy feeling of a window, and if you cannot have them at eye level as you would in a regular room you may consider having a long, horizontal window placed at the top of a wall or a thin vertical window running roof to floor in the corner of a room. Both allow natural light and both ensure the privacy of the room is kept. A good interior design company will work with the windows to ensure that the room’s interior compliments and enhances the window’s light. Melbourne’s own, The Inside Project have some wonderful examples in their ‘bathroom design and renovation’ gallery.

More mirrors less artwork
If you don’t want the fuss of a complete remodel and want a quick fix try to place a mirror opposite any source of light you have in the space, these examples will provide inspiration. If you cannot face a mirror opposite try to at least catch the light on the side. It will reflect the light and while the light works in one direction the mirror will send it back in the opposite direction ensuring that the whole space is lit up. On the other hand artwork soaks up light, so when you’re designing your interiors try to stay away from large pieces of art in your spaces that lack natural light!

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Take a look at your own bathroom or bedroom and notice any unused wall or roof space that may allow for a window or skylight/sun tunnel. Natural light is an unbeatable way to provide a room a facelift and will leave you feeling refreshed and happy!

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