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3 Reasons to Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned Out Before Spring

3 Reasons to Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned Out Before Spring

There are great reasons to have a septic tank cleaned before spring to ensure your home or business has a safe place for cleaning and storing sewage. Septic tank cleaning and repair by professionals is part of being a responsible property owner to prevent a major breakdown of a building’s plumbing system. Failure to have a septic tank cleaned on a regular basis can lead to contamination from waste on lawns, gardens and farm fields.

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Getting to the Septic Tank is Easier

Before spring arrives there are is less plant life over the tank, making it easier to find the opening. Long root systems from trees, tall grass and weeds are simple to dig through to get to the tank. Because the weather is cooler in late winter, the job is less strenuous for workers who do not need to deal with sweltering hot temperatures. Many professional septic tank services are available quickly at this time of year and offer deep discounts.

Prepare for Using the Septic Tank More Often

As spring arrives, homeowners have more guests and businesses have more customers, leading to more septic tank use. Failure to have a septic tank cleaned before increased usage can lead to inconvenience or a loss of business. Extra activities such as spring-cleaning cause an overload of the septic tank’s system due to frequent use of clothes washers. Emptying and cleaning the septic tank before beginning these activities helps to avoid blockages from cleansers that lead to volatile gases in the system (Source: Kamploops Septic Service).

Checking for Blockages Caused by Low Temperatures

As winter is ending, a septic tank located deep inside the ground may have problems such as frozen debris in pipes and lines. As spring temperatures begin, the frozen debris starts to shift in the system, leading to blockages that make a septic tank’s system nonfunctional. A professional septic tank technician can dislodge the frozen chunks of debris, ensuring the system continues to work optimally before spring arrives.

Prevent Septic Tank Problems by Avoiding Disposal of Certain Substances

The average residential property requires a septic tank cleaning approximately every three years while a commercial property may need the process more often. If a septic tank is filling quickly or having problems due to overload, then it is time to replace the item with a larger or more efficient model. To ensure a septic tank has a long life span, avoid disposing thick paper items such as infant diapers or cooking grease into drains.


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