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3 Important Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

3 Important Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

In today’s modern homes, we have a variety of flooring options to choose from. Laminates, hard wood, tiles, vinyls and of course traditional carpets. Whilst carpets are not as common in many North American and southern European homes, carpets sales still make up to 70% of flooring purchases within the UK. It seems Brits still love their rugs and aren’t in any hurry to part with them!

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In many older homes that have been lived in for decades, unknown to many, old carpets can become an invisible health hazard especially in the elderly and young. Vacuuming alone will only suck up a small fraction of the dirt and won’t touch the tiny dust particles amassed in the carpet pile over time. These particles can develop into some pretty nasty pollutants affecting respiration and overall health. So regular carpet cleaning is not just about the overall appearance or condition of your flooring, it’s also about your families’ wellbeing.

Children especially, love to lay on floors to read books, play or hang out with friends to watch TV. Coming into close contact with dust mites and pollutants at such an early age can lead to allergies and other ailments.

According to the American Lung Association, if anyone in your home suffers from conditions that affect breathing such as snoring or asthma, it is vital that you get your carpets professionally cleaned annually and vacuum at least three times per week.

Still unconvinced? Here’s the three key reasons why clean carpets and regular vacuuming is essential:

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  1. Trapped Pollutants

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, uncleaned carpets are capable of retaining several indoor air pollutants, such as human skin and pet dander, lead, particle pollution and everyday dirt and grime.

As these particles build up, they can attract toxic airborne gases, which are then released unwittingly when vacuuming or walking across the carpets, causing a vicious cycle of airborne and carpet bound pollutants building up.

Only regularly carpet cleaning by a professional will deal with these bacteria by shampooing and disinfecting the surfaces fully. Something a domestic high-powered vacuum cleaner cannot achieve alone.

  1. Dust Mites

Most homeowners with carpets are completely unaware that their flooring is filled with dust mite infestations, simply because these organisms are microscopic in size. Dust mites in isolation are actually harmless but their feces left behind aren’t. Because of the sheer microscopic scale of these particles, they can be easily inhaled when disturbed by vacuuming or simply walking across the surface. Not very pleasant!

A professional carpet cleaner will use steam as their key weapon to kill off the dust mites and rid the carpet pile of the nasty waste left behind by these tiny creatures, meaning your carpets are truly clean and rid of these potential health affecting particles.

  1. Mold

When exposed to moisture in warm environments, carpets are susceptible to mold growth. In wetter countries like the UK, moisture can frequently find its way into your home and get trapped deep into the carpet fibres.

Mold is extremely hazardous to your health so if you live in an environment that has moisture build up, regular professional carpet cleaning is vital as the high powered tools used can quickly eliminate mold and mildew through extracting any underlying moisture with heat.

Still think your carpets are clean and healthy? Think again. If you have carpeting throughout your home or office, regular professional cleaning is essential to keeping it healthy and longer lasting. So if its been over a year since you have your rugs given a good shampoo, cal in the professionals.

Here are some more easy ways to clean your carpet .

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