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12 Power Tools Every Handyman Should Own

12 Power Tools Every Handyman Should Own

A handyman needs a lot of tools, and these days these mean power tools. Power tools are modified versions of the traditional tools that have been used by men for so many years. The need for power tools was dictated by the advancement in technology and the fast-phased living of today.

If you are a DIY person or a simple handyman, having a set of power tools is surely going to make your activities and projects life a lot easier. The following are the 12 power tools that every handyman should own:

  1. Cordless Drill

This is one of the most essential power tools that you should have if you want to hand-bore holes at one per hour speed.A cordless drill allows you to deal with most tasks that require drilling; from pilot holes to the really large holes for running electrical through. No handyman should be without this power tool.



  1. Reciprocating Saw

With a reciprocation saw you can easily make cuts through wood and metal, as if you are cutting butter. Even cutting down trees is easy with this power tool. It is best to be used for demolishing and remodeling projects, as well as for electrical and plumbing jobs.

  1. Oscillating Multi-Tool

This multi-tool is very handy and it comes with oscillating accessories that allow you to make quick small jobs without having to endure massive dust presence. The attachments are useful for scarping, wood cutting, grinding, detail sandingand grout removal.

  1. Circular Saw

A circular saw is what you need if you need to cut through chunks of materials. It is the best power tool to have if you need to cut woods on a regular basis. It can easily cut through stacks of woods in a flash. Since it is a very powerful tool, it should be handled with care as it can easily cut through bones if you are not careful.

  1. Compound miter saw

This power tool is good for chopping lumber and for other projects. It can easily cutthrough trim, crown molding and baseboards. It is basically used to create precisely measured, bevel cuts, angle cuts and cross cuts.

  1. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is easily maneuverable as it is lightweight but its strength in cutting curves and making plunge cuts is remarkable.

  1. Table saw

If you need to cut lumber along the grain, you need the table saw. It can also be used in chopping cuts and angling cuts.

  1. Sawzall

This power tool is quite powerful and if you don’t have the muscles, you may not be able to control it. It really saws all, it can even saw through nails.

  1. Palm sander

The palm sander belongs to the sanders family along with belt or random-orbital sanders. This one though is the faster especially if you want to dig in with sandpaper and a block.

  1. Planer

You will need a planer if you want to shave thin wedges of wood off in making smoother, thinner or flatter.

  1. Air compressor

This is an essential tool as it powers up the power tools. It provides that much needed energy supply through air compression.

  1. Band saw

The band saw cuts curves on chunky wood with magnificent strength and unique safety. You can make bevel and straight cuts using the band saw.



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