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10 Do’s And Don’ts for Home Décor Shopping

10 Do’s And Don’ts for Home Décor Shopping

Home decor shoppers seldom find themselves at the bitter end of online shopping experiences.Hiccups occurs as the realm here is different to the tried and tested brick-mortar retail models. I have combined a list of ten Do’s and Don’ts for the novice shopper. It would be prudent to use them as commandments to abide by every time you shop for decor online.

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The Do’s

  1. Double check the measurements of both space and furniture before ordering.

Measure twice cut once” hold true in home decor purchases.

Furniture, especially high ticket pieces should never be purchased in a hurry. Doing so risks the chance of ordering something that is too big for the intended space, or just too small in practicality from what was seen earlier. So remove the measuring tape and cross-check the measurements to save you from a depressive hangover?

  1. Read the colour description

While shopping online we are dependent on our visual experience to make the purchase decision. Since we are staring at a digital screen, it is possible that there could be a colour mismatch on product delivery. If this happens when you open the delivery box, believe me this is a big turn off!!

To prevent this just cross check with the “colour codes” available so that you are 100% aware of the colour of the product you are receiving.

3.Read the Product descriptions-They are there for a reason!

When shopping for home decor don’t just skim over the product descriptions. Pay close attention as they explain the featuresin detail.  Here attributes like wood type, upholstery material, care etc. are mentioned for your attention.

4.Do read the Customer reviews

This is the Holy Grail pointer of this article. If you are purchasing from a neutral market place like Amazon, pay close attention to reviews. These comprise individuals who have bought the product earlier from the same vendor/vendors.They can give you good insights, and their reviews equates to their experience with the product. Needless to mention a higher rating/review means that the product is good and the customer has got a pleasant shopping experience. Bang for buck!

  1. Do make sure that you are taking the best deal possible.

If you know your way through e-commerce sites and market places you will notice that digital beats retail many times over as far as deals are concerned. You can always shortlist products or wait for the right time to make a great deal!

We ourselvesare offering Jaw dropping discounts, customers just have to keep checking their favourite sites or put in a reminder for the same. Also do sign up for newsletters as you would be updated for events like their Clearance Sales, personalized discounts etc.

6.Don’t buy everything from the same store

Never buy all your room’s products from the same e-store/site. Your room would resemble like a product catalogue or just a duplicate from what was represented on the site banner. Think and be original and the way for it is to buy from a bevy of stores.


7.Do look at the options of make available?

Many established as well as upcoming home décor sites offer dime a dozen variation for customers. Options include quality of wood, (handmade/machine made) and free delivery. Some start-ups even offer services like furniture placement ideas etc.

8.First buy what is needed, the rest can wait

Many a times someone buy something only to realize that a need was not necessitated, and it was a neat marketing gimmick. Here, we are just requesting for some restraint so that you don’t regret the sale later.

  1. We recommend opting for Credit card payment? Why read below

You are bound to feel bad if the furniture that you purchased is not up to the mark and this realization can occur in the first 7 days. Though reputed brands offer immediate replacement of promise of refunding the money. In practicality there is a lot of T&C and technical hassles that you have to abide by to resolve the issue. Credit card charge backs are quick and fool proof method to ensure that you are in control.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not skip the assembly details

Once you have shortlisted an item and are all set to click ‘order’. Just check the product assembly option and ask yourself if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, open your tool box and get ready to work to assemble the furniture on arrival?

In case if you are like me who dislikes reading robust details of assembly and screwdrivers, I suggest you opt for per-assembled furniture.


Author Bio:
Brian Anthony is a writer working with since its inception. Qualified as an English Literature graduate with a post graduate diploma in journalism and mass communication he brings years of experience in his formal writing. Although, currently writing for décor he has earlier published several blogs, articles and social media content for topics on personal finance, private equity, fashion and life style. More information about Brian can be found @linkedin.








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