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10 Creative D.I.Y Light Decoration Ideas for Christmas

10 Creative D.I.Y Light Decoration Ideas for Christmas


Christmas remains one of the most awaited festival of the year which is celebrated in maximum countries of the world including the US, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden etc. Though it is true that Christmas is basically celebrated by the Christian community across the globe, however because of its huge popularity and merry making attitude, it is also enjoyed by the people of other religions.


Apart from enjoying the mid-night mass, attending and organizing a festive feast, arranging cocktail parties, and spending some quality moments with loved ones and guests etc., Christmas is also about adorning the house with holiday themes and Christmas light displays. In fact, Christmas decorations remain at the top of your to-do list. Considering the fact that decorating the house is an art, and not everybody can be a master in it, we have come up with some amazing D.I.Y Christmas light decoration ideas which can be implemented by you this time.

1) Add Festive Cheer To Your Christmas Tree

People have been adorning their houses with Christmas trees for years now, and that’s the tradition we all want to stick to. I really don’t think so that anybody can imagine their decorations to be completed without having Christmas tree on their list. In order to give that perfect Christmas touch and holiday warmth to your house, you have to make room for a gorgeous Christmas tree. As far as your tree is concerned it can be placed in a number of places such as in the porch right next to your main entrance or in your living room. If you are placing the Christmas tree inside, then put it either next to the fireplace or near stairs. However, either you place your tree near the fireplace or the stairs, don’t forget to deck it with stunning decorative items such as holiday ornaments, fancy ribbon, Moravian star, LED lights, holiday stockings and candy cane etc. I am sure that this tree will get all the attention from your guests.

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2) Light Up The Windows With Pre-Lit Christmas Garlands

Considering the fact that windows are also an important part of your house you need to deck them beautifully for this Christmas. Yes, don’t ignore them at any cost. In order to enhance the look of your windows during the festive season, you can adorn them with pre-lit holiday garlands.


3) Dec The Door With The Strings Of LED Light And Wreath

When it comes to the front door, you must spread the festive cheer in a unique way. What best you can do it is hang the strings of twinkling LED lights and put a nice and cozy wreath at the center of the door. If in case you have a plain wreath, you can easily make it attractive by adding lots of Christmas ornaments in it. In addition, to that, you can also include bare branches and pine cone in it, in order to give it a wintery touch.


4) Adorn The Fireplace Mantel With Christmas Lantern

Another important thing which require huge attention during the festive season is your fireplace mental. Yes, you got it right, it’s the place where people want to spend maximum time during the festival, hence, it should be able to spread the festive warmth all around. The best way to enhance its beauty is to deck it with a vintage lantern, Christmas candles, and holiday garlands – fully decked with Christmas ornaments.

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5) Give A Christmas Touch To Your Stairs 

There are numerous ways to decorate your stairs for Christmas, however, the most attractive way of doing so is to drape it fully with Christmas garlands. You can make your own Christmas garland or purchase one from the market. In addition to that, you can also put strings of LED light on the stairs, deck it with Moravian star, holiday ornaments and Christmas stockings.

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6) Adorn The Dining Table With An Attractive Centerpiece  

Considering the fact that you call a lot of guests for enjoying Christmas dinner at your home, it becomes your duty to give a unique festive glow to your table. Centerpieces go well with dining tables, so must create one for decking your table. In order to do that, you can use a huge serving tray and fill it beautifully with fruits and nuts (green apples, berries walnut, pine nuts, and cashew nut etc). Apart from that, you can also put some pine twigs and Christmas ornaments in the try. Apart from that, you can put Christmas candles all around the centerpiece, which would make it look even more beautiful.


7) Deck Your Walls With Old Christmas Cards And Highlight That Space With LED Lights

There is no denying the fact that you receive lots of Christmas cards every year, and the best part is that you can use them in your Christmas decorations. So take out all the old cards and stick them closely in the wall. Once you are done with sticking them effectively in the wall, you can highlight that space by hanging LED lights.

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8) Embellish Your Home With A Nativity Scene

Creating a nativity scene remains an integral part of Christmas decorations, however, the only difference is that some people do that inside the house, whereas others find some nice space in their yard for creating this stunning scene. According to me porches are also not bad for creating a nativity scene, wherein you place photos, paintings, or statues of mother Mary, father Joseph and baby Christ.


9) Spread Festive Warmth In The Yard

I think during the festive season, you shouldn’t be leaving any space undecorated and this formula applies to your yard too. Hence, adorn it beautifully with decorative lights and lanterns. You can hang LED lights on the dried branches of the trees.


10) Give Some Color To Mailbox

Last but not the least, you should never forget to decorate your mailbox which can be seen by every other person passing through the street. Deck it with wreaths and flowers and finally drape twinkling LED lights on it.




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